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Shell script to send mail using telnet in Linux

0 votes
How can i use another SMTP server and send mail in shell script without having own any MTA (sendmail or mail or exim)
asked Aug 30, 2012 in Shell Script by anonymous

1 Answer

0 votes


# Function for sending email
function sendemail(){
sleep 8
echo helo $SMTP_DOMAIN
echo mail from: $MAIL_SENDER_ADDRESS
sleep 2
echo rcpt to: $to_mail
sleep 2
echo data
sleep 2
echo to: $to_email_addresslist
sleep 2
sleep 2
echo subject:  $MAIL_SUBJECT
echo $1
sleep 5
echo .
sleep 5
echo ^]
sleep 2
echo quit ) | telnet
echo "status:$?"

sendemail "This is message Body of email"

answered Aug 30, 2012 by sarada Hot Users (2,340 points)
Please note that the line no 32, statement "echo ^]" is not a character, you have to press ctrl+] key in your keyboard and that character will appear in your editor. and then you save it.
Thanks a lot dear , nice explanation

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